Taking printmaking on the road!

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Pequeno Etching Press
After years of dismantling and manhandling her Rollaco bench model etching press (all 85 kilos of it), Hester is very excited that her Rollaco portable etching press has arrived. This is a professional quality etching press capable of printing collagraphs, drypoints, etchings and block prints and made by John Pears at Rollaco Presses. For those interested, it is the Pequeno press and has a bedsize of 30 x 60cm. It has been developed specifically for outreach work and is used by many professional printmakers across the country including the Curwen Press in Cambridge.

Hester is now able to deliver professional workshops of all the above printmaking techniques to community groups, schools, art clubs etc. If you would like more information about what workshops she can offer, please use the contact page of this website to send your enquiry.