Hester's solo exhibition 'Home' at the Gallery , Masham, will run until 31st January 2011

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Home - a solo exhibition of monotypes, collagraphs and solarplate prints.
The Gallery, 24 Market Place, Masham, North Yorkshire, HG4 4EB
19th November 2010 - 31st January 2011

In 2006, Hester returned from an extended period of travel, work and study overseas where she explored much of Asia, South East Asia, South and Central America. Full of the sights, colours, smells and sounds of these countries, she created a series of prints as a response and was invited by Josie Beszant, the owner of The Gallery, fellow artist and friend, to exhibit them in a show entitled ‘Journeys’ at The Gallery. Four years on, ‘Home’ features work made since her move to Masham and explores her reconnection with the natural landscape of the British Isles. In collaboration with Josie, Hester has worked on a full colour book to accompany the exhibition featuring the prints on show, information about her printmaking processes and extracts from her haiku diary. It will be available for sale from The Gallery. Please ring 01765 689554 for further details.